2005-02-15 10:50:48 ET

vday went good considering everyone was sick but thats ok it could have been worse im just glad i got to spend it with her. she gave me a message in a bottle and chocolate covered strawberries mmmmmmmmm.......stawberries. i wrote a song and sang it to her on vday.
i was really nervous but everything went well. so thats about it bye.

2005-02-15 11:52:39 ET

you nervous? i dont think you have enough energy to be nervous...lol im glad everything went well tho, despite the sickness that is going around. At least your staying positive like I am :D thats the only way you can think about stuff like that. Spending time with someone running around like crazy and having to reschedual plans is what life is all about :D but at least you get to be near the person you love. *hugs*

2005-02-15 14:41:19 ET

you weren't nervous...you were great. and I love the song =) now...put it on a cd so i can listen to it all the time when you have to go away and stuff. *hugs and kisses*

2005-02-15 15:14:50 ET

aww. supa sweetness

2005-02-17 07:25:41 ET

what you dont know wont kill you. while you were looking away
i was wiping water from my face.

2005-02-17 07:35:22 ET

HA...that might have worked...had I looked away, BUT I DIDN'T....so i win *hugs*

2005-02-18 08:11:04 ET

(zim voice) lie lies evil earth worm lies

2005-02-18 11:44:47 ET




2005-02-18 11:52:02 ET

hehe zim is great

2005-02-19 13:33:54 ET

love zim

i am ziiiimmmm

2005-02-19 22:11:10 ET

heheheheh tak cat rules

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