2005-02-17 07:32:19 ET

trying to stay positive and yes dare i say energetic cause i know when everyone feels better it will be my turn to feel like shit
thats all i wanted to say.....so....ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......bye

2005-02-17 07:39:07 ET

I'll take care of you and give you soup and stuff =)

2005-02-17 07:59:39 ET

awww..so cute...better be careful..she might put poison in it....or like....hot sauce...i know i would.. SO WATCH HER! *points*

2005-02-17 12:15:12 ET

im innocent, besides brad...you're the only one i'd do that to

2005-02-17 12:20:17 ET

you would put poison in my soup? i dont see you doing that, ur crueler then that...you would like go get a prescription of Viagra and put like all the pills in a cup, crush em and then put em in my soup.....bastard...

2005-02-17 17:57:00 ET

That i'd do if we were about to have a halo lan party...cause it'd be hella funny, or if Tasha were comin to town

2005-02-17 18:38:24 ET

hehehehe.....hehehe......heheheh....no comment :D

2005-02-18 07:23:23 ET


2005-02-18 07:50:41 ET

that was an evil thought..... EEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVVVVVVIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! hehe hope she doesnt see that last post from me..hehe

2005-02-18 08:13:35 ET

yes brad shes going to read half way through it and go ya know what im done (kidding dont shost me)

2005-02-18 11:45:51 ET

hahahahah....that was funny

2005-02-18 11:53:26 ET

you will eat dirt and cry for your mommy this weekend young friend *points* oh the pain i will induce upon you! SHOOSTY TIME!!!! hehe jk....i just want a hug man *walks with arms out towards josh chanting 'hug....hug....hug...hug...hug'* heh

2005-02-19 13:35:34 ET

no no no i'll shoost you in da face

2005-02-19 22:11:52 ET

ill shoost you in the..um.....finger....or ear.....or something

2005-02-21 12:42:45 ET

never i shoost you all in the face muhahahahahahahahahahaha

2005-02-21 14:34:00 ET

you did a wonderful job of that today....50-31 my win hehe

2005-02-24 13:36:33 ET

hey hey i was having a bad day

2005-02-24 15:40:08 ET


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