simpl or complex
2005-02-18 08:55:15 ET

here is my thought for the year. does everything have to be complex
why,in order for something to be quality the mentility is complexity
(excuse spelling). why cant things be simple. now i know that sometimes its good to be complex you know to have deminshen (spelling sorry)or whatever but is it not good to be simple why have layers when you can look at something know thats what it is instead of haveing to dig through
whatever to find it. it was just a thought i had........bye

2005-02-18 11:49:10 ET

Because society gets bored easily....they've been introduced to too many things complex...therefor..simplicty tends to bore. BUT it is coming back into style...simplicity is adored in interior design, fashion, ...romance...*nods* sorry random response

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