world conquest
2005-02-24 13:58:58 ET

lick the edge of your computer right now........... done good.
now my plan for world conquest is underway muhahahahahahahahaha.
i have lased your computer screan with slave potions. now go clean my room. muhahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahah. jk but wouldnt that be the shit... no i dont think i would make anybody clean my room. its awful
but not as bad as last time......bye

(they have fallen for my plans) oh hey you know nothiiiiinnnnnnnggggg

2005-02-24 14:31:01 ET

what are YOU smokin?? haha j/k

2005-02-24 15:35:37 ET

nothing i really wanted to post and didnt really have
anything to post about

2005-02-24 15:43:11 ET

it's normal for him....yes

2005-02-24 16:45:06 ET

oh one of THOSE posts....random thought kinda thing..haha

2005-02-24 18:13:45 ET josh= the randomness..hehe

2005-02-24 18:15:40 ET

gotta love him for it

2005-02-24 19:16:03 ET

indeed, never said randomness was a bad

2005-02-25 21:55:26 ET

i rule you..........i like my randomness. i mean it cant (i rule you all) be all that bad can it i mean (pink fuzzy ice cream dippers) lots of things have random stuff in it (im dancin like a monkey) like invader zim right so im not (karma police arrest this man) weird or anything (dont fret precious im here step away from the window) right (go to sleep)

2005-02-27 15:55:54 ET

freak...i tell you freak

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