hello hello
2005-03-12 21:54:00 ET

computer is being gay but thats ok me and miss kandess
is getting a new one when we get a job
must get job now but anyway so everything is cool
ummmmmm i love my miss kandess.
we should be getting jobs here pretty soon anyways
been listening to alot of the used and tacking back sunday
and some apc

2005-03-12 22:42:57 ET

god i hate job hunting!! no one is EVER hiring when you are looking!! specially in a small town.. so i wish you two tons of good luck!!

2005-03-12 22:54:07 ET

is my baby *hugs* Love love...

job..!! must get..!!

2005-03-13 10:50:03 ET

ekstasis: thank you we'll need it it seems like everybody
finds a job when your hunting for one

Kandess: i loves my baby

2005-03-13 13:44:26 ET

*dances* i so special...i so special

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