Finding Neverland
2005-03-24 05:48:43 ET

i just watched finding neverland
i think its my fav. movie in the world
its sad inspiring happy angry
Depp does a wonderful job
i loved it
it was great thats all i have to say
so bye love ya and all that good stuff

2005-03-24 07:00:31 ET

told ya

2005-03-24 07:58:42 ET

we have to watch it this weekend, along with the incredibles, which im bringing ( as well as spider man 2 on my psp...heheh)

2005-03-24 20:49:48 ET

sounds good to me

2005-03-26 06:03:08 ET

sounds good to me i love incredibles
but ever since jesse said that the dad look like billy
when he gets that old....... it kinda makes me laugh

2005-03-26 06:36:32 ET


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