push push.....................push
2005-03-29 02:32:51 ET

sometimes it feeks like i cant do anything
it feels like no matter how hard i try i cant
i try to be positive and say one day
but one day feels like years sometimes
sometimes im not happy with anything i do
maybe shes right and i am to hard on myself
but i cant help it i want to be the best
how can i when i dont think its good enough
im tryimg to push myself im making myself
finish at least ten songs all the way through
mixed and put on a cd whether i like them or not
i hope it turns out ok i hope it will

2005-03-29 05:19:30 ET

shotgun first copy....

and im not the only one who thinks your music is great...that should count for something

2005-03-29 06:43:40 ET

it does i love you

2005-03-29 07:54:41 ET

you do beat yourself up to much josh and i know we pick on you a lil every now and then too but dont let us get you down, you know we are just fooling. I know better then to say anything bad about your music tho, no matter what else i pick on you about it wont be your music :D bc that stuff is some goooood stuffage.

2005-03-29 08:08:37 ET

i love you brad i know you dont mean anything when you pick on me
thank you very much though i love you guys

2005-03-29 09:09:57 ET

ha...see, we love you


well...I love you more than the others...

2005-03-29 09:10:10 ET

and in a different way

2005-03-29 09:45:10 ET

thats what you think (role die to ear hump brad) 1 ....
shit........ it falls off and mice come and take it im doomed....
ok if any els thinks thats weird raise your hand
ok well im just going to say bye so bye

2005-03-29 10:21:52 ET

*rolls 20 sided for attempted earhump on josh* NATURAL 20!!!! gimmi some loving *pounce* heheh
that is by far the funniest thing i have ever heard you say/seen you type...lol

2005-03-30 04:12:22 ET

lol Honey, everyday you give me more reasons to worship you.


2005-03-30 11:18:23 ET

thats wrong i wrote that and i was like theres really something wrong with me im sure of it :)

2005-03-31 12:22:41 ET

syeah but i love you

2005-04-01 05:44:22 ET

i love you to

2005-04-01 12:57:41 ET

<3 *Snuggles*

2005-04-01 15:10:20 ET


2005-04-01 17:58:00 ET


2005-04-02 08:30:10 ET


2005-04-05 12:54:14 ET

i love it i love it its shnooooogie

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