its not a fashion statment, its a deathwish
2005-04-18 14:11:43 ET

my chemical romance is the shit i really enjoy them
i want everyone to know that i love my kandess........
heres some lyrics of mine give opinions if you want to
if you dont ok bye

The Difference Between Metal and Being Fake

Acid tears fall from the sky
A beautiful ray of self regret
Were not perfect did you know
Do you know mistakes are engraved?
Flaws are inevitable and impossible to ignore

It doesnít have to be like this
A sudden crash to the brain will suffice
I canít breathe plastic IM sick
The difference between you and me is

A weight of hate like nuclear rain
A self centered point of view maybe
But is it me or is it you I feel
You donít deserve the smile I see in you

Metal and being fake
A tragedy of growing up
Compared to feeling just to feel
Or hating just to hate
is it me or is it you i feel
you dont deserve the smile i see in you

2005-04-18 20:55:09 ET

*dances* I love my Josh....

2005-04-20 05:37:07 ET

i love my kandess

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