who is the milk man
2005-05-31 06:17:29 ET

i feel happy today but at the sametime i feel
alittle down i dont know why yet its kinda weird
but any why on another note
i have been good letting my hair grow out
looking for new things to write about.
back to the note i started on i think i know what it is
i have found that it gets all under my skin
when people are all like pity me pity me
im so sad and depressed but when you try to help them
A: ignore you or B: role their eyes and i know
gets on my damn nerves makes me want to shot them in the face
cut off their fuckin head manhunt style arggggggggggggg
(translated it means fuck) i just dont understand people sometimes
like tie them to tree with drown them in cherry flavered gasoline
but anyway i think it might be that but on a happier note

i love kandess with all my heart i hope she knows

2005-05-31 07:48:05 ET

you bounce around convos worse then i do man, and thats saying something..lol

2005-05-31 10:37:57 ET

but his bouncing is what makes me adore him.

I love you too Josh, very very very very....and repeat that like a million times, much.

2005-06-01 16:44:46 ET

i learn from the best i guess now to steal your energy
and i'll be doin good

2005-06-02 06:20:52 ET

won't we all

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