fake it for the air waves
2005-06-13 18:57:22 ET

have you ever had so much to say but couldnt cause you
never know how to say it you never know where to start
im haveing one of those days its fucked but anyway
i hate it when people cant sit down relax for just a few seconds
and find somthing to be thankful for you know like whats so wrong
with rainy days if you were blind would you wish to see that
rainy day im not saying everyone does it but most people do
whats so important that you cant enjoy the simple things in life
like a hug or an extra pop when you only put enough in for one
is life so bad that people cant sit down and find somthing
to happy about you know what i hate even more than that
is people that could they just refuse because if there not
sad then no one will notice them i have had to deal with people
like that and i refuse to do it again but it still hurts
i want them to have a good life and i hope they do but i
wont put up with his childish selfish acts just because
he wants to be noticed now that i have that out of the way
i just dont understand why people want to have a miserable life
just because theyre unnoticed like reneh if your going to look
at me and bitch if i try to help dont ignore cause you just want somthing
to bitch about if you want help fine if you dont shut the fuck up
i guess im just getting sick of people that want to have a bad life
just because they want to

well thats all i have to say i love you all goodbye for now

2005-06-14 04:05:27 ET

well well then *hugs* good to get that off your chest?

2005-06-14 06:57:13 ET

man it is too

2005-06-14 09:03:07 ET

yuppers...I know the feeling

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