you look so good in blue
2005-06-24 15:41:32 ET

ok today im about to go to virgina to see some family
tomorrow i will see my dad that ive not seen since i was 8
dont know how thats going to go but anyway
just so anybody that doesnt know i love my kandess
i hope everyone has a great weekend
much love to all

2005-06-24 15:57:18 ET

*sniffles* I love you

2005-06-25 00:58:45 ET

i love too kandess, you gonna be there this weekend...i mean at your house?

2005-06-26 06:45:05 ET

lol apparently I was, and the worms 3-d was teh schite

2005-06-26 16:17:53 ET

effin yeah it was. can't wait to 4 player it up with you guys.

2005-06-27 03:30:05 ET

we bought it....hehe, damned fun

2005-06-27 09:45:44 ET

how'd you buy it? thought you didn't have any money?

2005-06-27 10:37:16 ET

my enemy's miss me doom doom da doo

i really like the 3d worms

hey man you still advent rising death will come to you
when im not to lazy to kill you so in other words
you'll a rather long just rambling now
so ummmmmmm do you have it or can i just not find it

2005-06-27 10:57:49 ET

and missing many words...

2005-06-27 10:58:08 ET should be in the living room hon...on top of Psychonauts and under doom 3

2005-06-27 11:00:24 ET

its not in the case i looked

2005-06-27 11:02:56 ET

okay I dont know then

2005-06-27 11:08:04 ET

i love you

2005-06-27 12:24:20 ET

I love you too

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