rigafriggin down ner 20 miles by god
2005-06-27 11:27:27 ET

so i want and saw my dad after 12 or 13 years of not ever having contacted with him i got to see him it was almost like see a 60
somthing year old me. it was nice getting to see after all these
years hopfully everything will work out ok. we didnt talk about much
he told me why he didnt come see me and all that stuff he told me stories
about him and my mom. told my stories of how my mom had such a temper
we got a milkshake and thats about the entire day but it was good to see him though

2005-06-27 12:25:47 ET

and your mom flirts like a schoolgirl...

2005-06-27 14:05:14 ET

and yeah i still have it, i forgot brad was playing it in my xbox and i left with it in my xbox, so it's around in one of my game cases, i'll find it and bring it this weekend.

2005-06-27 18:52:31 ET

coolness i got CONKER live and reloaded its been the shit so far

my mom is a 40 year old school girl

2005-06-28 04:03:13 ET

I can relate man....that is how it was with my mom. I didnt see her for about 8 years and then suddenly she just pops up out of nowhere. Parents are freakin psycho some times.

2005-06-28 04:06:03 ET


2005-06-28 04:07:15 ET

Yes very scary

2005-06-28 04:14:34 ET

Sometimes I wish my father would disappear for a while

2005-06-28 04:30:03 ET


2005-06-28 04:34:32 ET

yeah...he can be a large overstuffed ass

2005-06-28 04:43:38 ET

So can my dad and my mom......i havent seen her in like 4 years so she doesnt bother me

2005-06-28 04:45:31 ET

My mom...is great. most of the time.

2005-06-28 04:45:59 ET

well....thats good atleast

2005-06-28 06:40:11 ET

how'd you guys get conker? DAMMIT I WANT IN ON THIS MONEY SCHEME....dammit. lol

2005-06-29 04:20:52 ET

we took back Doom 3 and Pyschonauts and used our card to get an extra 10% and then bought the only copy they had and it was used, so again we got another 10 percent off. PLUS....if you reserve Madden or college football you get another 20% off, but you gotta pay a 5 reserve fee, so i got like....an extra 2 dollars just for reserving that game, so it didn't actually cost me anything.

2005-06-29 06:39:20 ET

oh the gamestop.....GAYstop.

2005-06-29 06:46:08 ET

yeah you know it...cause...umm, if you trade in 4 games, with your gamestop card and use the coupon from the magazine...you get 50% EXTRA for your trade ins...umm...not gay in my opinion.

2005-06-29 06:47:44 ET

i just hate the store period, they change staff like every five minutes and they're all annoying as hell, i think possibly the best person i saw working there was alex peters. no it's not gay that you can get the games at a good price, i just think the store is gay, or at least that one.

2005-06-29 09:01:20 ET

they say it's hard to keep good staff because they've lost so many store managers due to the district manager or something...I liked the old staff, the people who were there when it first opened.

2005-06-29 09:43:59 ET


2005-06-29 11:08:13 ET

so pt still stands for pretty trashy

2005-06-29 11:26:14 ET

i'm going to take conker if you say that again, and you'll never see advent rising again.

2005-06-29 11:34:25 ET

lol....and you shall get yours one day...oh yeah

2005-06-29 14:21:27 ET

yeah after i pawn the ds off.

2005-06-30 05:20:31 ET

pawn off the ds?

2005-06-30 06:39:42 ET

yup, unless i can find a better deal, a kid at work is buying conkers and worms 3d for me, and i'm giving him the ds with all the goodies.

2005-06-30 07:30:24 ET

for conker and worms 3d? insane

2005-06-30 09:43:32 ET

yeah, cuz i don't play the emm effer anymore.

2005-06-30 11:15:44 ET

I would...damn...

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