2005-07-04 01:01:25 ET

have you ever said somthing only moments later wishing you didnt
they suck and you know that the world would have been better
off had you just kept your mouth shut i mean you can feel it
so much that it hurts to say anything after that and you can see
the tention fall from their face and all you can think about
is why the fuck did i say that. i should have been smarter than that
i should have known it sucks cause i know thier in there right know
thinking about where thier importance is and it drives me crazy cause no matter what i say it seems like nothing has an affect nothing
it seems like if i were to bow to every step and kiss every scar
it wouldnt do anything what do i have to do to make her feel beautiful
what do have to do to make her feel like she is the most important thing
in the world i hate it when she does this cause i feel so lost (more than normal)and i dont know what to do ive tried everything i can i dont know what to do but ive never given up on her and i never will no matter
where life takes us and no matter what she says i'll never give up on her

2005-07-04 08:09:37 ET

i know EXACTLY

My mouth gets me in trouble all the damn time

2005-07-04 08:10:35 ET

i admire that, but you have to take into consideration, you can't change the way she feels about herself, that's up to her man, and as hard as it is to deal with it, it's a fact of life man, no one can change theirself except themselves. take me for example...you know how much of a change i've been through, it's not because of everyone else its' because of me. the only thing you can do is suggest, and that's it, she knows that you think she's beautiful, and she knows that you hold her as the most important thing, you should already know this without question, she sees the same in you, else she wouldn't be having you in her house/room/bed/mind/heard/body, and whatever else i could slash up there. ya know for a while i was happy for you two, and i still am, but now i'm just really jealous, i really hope that someday i'll have what you guys do. because it's a beautiful thing, and if you could only stop and think about it for a minute, you'll realize that i'm right, by god. then maybe k will stop saying she's ugly at least, cuz i'm not up on ya woman or anything but k isn't ugly, inside or out, we all know this, she just has to discover it herself. just like the rest of us....wow...i had a little mini post on your sk...sorry man haha.

2005-07-04 09:43:13 ET

I love you...I promise...

2005-07-04 10:17:45 ET

el gooche: wow man that was deep i dont know what to say but

ragdoll: i love you too yous my world

2005-07-04 12:48:50 ET

i can be like that when i want, it's just this weekend i learned a lot from 2 hours talking to brandi.

2005-07-12 11:14:12 ET

life has away of doing that

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