your the only place that feels like home
2005-07-20 18:32:17 ET

im having i hard time trying to figure out if i want to cut my hair leave it long i dont know but any way i mowed the ward today gasp i know
i toke time out ive my busy schedual (i know i didnt spell that right oh well) of practicing and playing video games to do yard work
well thats about all the excitment today tune in next time to read about........something of small interest

(if anybody thought that last line was really corny raise your hands)

2005-07-20 19:27:56 ET

last line was funny... but please explain how you 'mow the ward' bc i want to see a demo of how that is done.

2005-07-21 03:59:05 ET

*gigglefit* I'm not sure there was a full sentence without a spelling error in that whole thing =) I love you.

2005-07-21 19:08:44 ET

hey hey HEEEEY!!! getting crap from the typo king ok ....ok no but if you really want to see it i'll show it takes practice

so i speel bed so saw mea

2005-07-21 20:02:20 ET

ok.. *pulls out huge arse saw* Ill get the ward in on it too, hes been looking for some payback every since your ran him over.

2005-07-22 03:58:01 ET

yeah lol Brad you tend to spell a little off as well *giggle*

2005-07-22 06:18:22 ET

well that bc i type fast and dont spell check.. so whats josh's excuse? hehe i know what it is but im not going to say what it is.

2005-07-22 06:49:52 ET

awww you're mean.....

2005-07-22 07:43:28 ET

hey i didnt say anything :D

2005-07-22 09:02:46 ET

you thought it

2005-09-11 18:43:50 ET

nuke you all


2005-09-11 18:46:16 ET

*little red dot appears* 'nuclear launch detected' or in the case of me playing james one on one 'nuclear launch detected' *slight pause* 'nuclear launch detected' *another slight pause 'nuclear launch detected' haha i looooveeeee joo James San!

2005-09-11 18:48:06 ET


2005-09-11 18:51:19 ET

hahaha he was so pissed at me that night on SC..hehehe

2005-09-11 18:53:06 ET

ibet he was you freakin nazi

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