Nerds Candy = flemming nuts
2005-07-21 19:24:34 ET

my hair is being fixed so thats good i love and wish my kandess was awake
thats really all i have to say so much love to all

2005-07-21 19:31:46 ET

then go wake her ass up.

2005-07-21 19:58:30 ET

yeah throw a broom in on her.. or frog splash on her.

2005-07-21 20:05:53 ET

and then hump her.

2005-07-22 03:46:42 ET

yeah thats always good for waking her up too :D

2005-07-22 04:11:49 ET

my god boys...good thing he never listens to either of you. Hehe, when he did wake me up i fussed at him...

Josh: "Honey, you gotta get up, so we can wash this out of my hair and go to bed"
Me: "No....I dont can wash it out...*sleep*"
Josh: "c'mon honey...."
Me: " no no no no..."

BUT i finally got up...felt bad for whining at him. hehe.

2005-07-22 15:17:42 ET

but you always whine...whiner! especially when he slapped you with that guitar.

2005-07-25 04:03:23 ET

you shut up....i do not whine....ass

2005-07-25 04:03:42 ET

and he hit me with a guitar...that deserves whining rights, (even if he did it on accident)

2005-07-25 05:43:09 ET


2005-07-25 06:32:24 ET

EL KA-BONG!!!!! *swing and thumps kandess with a guitar*

2005-07-25 08:42:17 ET

i hate you both...

2005-07-25 09:02:19 ET

hehe u know you love us, otherwise you wouldnt hang out with us or post on our pages anymore :P

2005-07-25 09:05:50 ET

true....but still

2005-07-25 09:47:07 ET


2005-09-11 18:52:06 ET


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