everything is alright yeah everything is alright
2006-01-10 03:35:09 ET

so this is my post for the year (kidding) hope everyone had a great christmas and a better new years. got a 360 (woooooo)
BOW TO YOUR MAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i had a good christmas and a good new years
kinda got to watch Advent Children kinda
i think i remember 30 seconds of the movie and that was it
well ive got to go its good to be back
much love to all bye

2006-01-10 06:44:50 ET

well had you not been drunk off your ass... and had it been in english maybe you would have been able to remember it..haha.(Get your helling, damning ass, back in the bitching damn room... dammit!) muahah!

2006-01-10 06:57:13 ET

I'm going to pretend I understand you both.

Mmhmm. *nods*

2006-01-10 07:20:10 ET

premium or core?!

2006-01-10 15:08:19 ET

lol...drunk wasn't the word for it. *lol* hellin' damnin ass...

360 dance!

2006-01-11 00:30:19 ET

Armored- WELL...WELL.........WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
maybe i wouldve i guess we'll never know ( you know meatwad
if your a good boy you might get this L shaped thing
no thats hair you read it backwards fool)
Liquid Dream-its aqua teen its great well me and ragdoll
like it alot
El Goche- dude me and kandess has the same three sixty
Ragdoll: hey hey HEY im sure that there are other words for it
none come to mind right now

2006-01-11 02:43:43 ET

Liquid DREAM?! Whoooaa here son. That is NOT my screen name. LOL

2006-01-11 04:22:00 ET

im sure it will be your screen name from now on...ugh, the massive amounts of dirty visuals. boys are dumb

2006-01-11 05:25:08 ET

sorry about that

2006-01-11 05:34:41 ET

s'ok. lol i just thought it was funny.

2006-01-11 06:36:04 ET

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH liquid dream? good job josh *claps* isnt that an old boy band song?
hey now boy, i enjoy ATHF too, you all have to watch the new season i bought..haha you all will crack up.

2006-01-11 15:18:19 ET

oh man....liquid dream *giggles*

2006-01-11 19:44:30 ET

and changing the subject so whats this ATHF you speak of

2006-01-11 20:32:32 ET

Aunt Teresa Hating Folksong....?
try Aqua.... Teen....Hunger...Force perhaps?

2006-01-11 21:35:13 ET


2006-01-12 05:01:17 ET

i didnt know dont have to be a jerk (whimpers in corner)

2006-01-12 06:51:21 ET

oh im sorry, do you want a hug? well then here, get one from patches *grabs patches and tosses her into the corner with josh* hhaha
I <3 you friend josh.

2006-01-14 00:32:29 ET

thats cruel thats not even right (running at brad with
one eye hanging below his chin)thats not right

2006-01-14 01:19:30 ET

oh god...

2006-01-16 20:33:05 ET

yeah... lemme tell you about her.... so im laying ont he couch last night and lil miss patches decided' oh look! there is a person i can claw!'. she gts a running start... and then leaps on my exposed lower back and digs her claws into it... then climbs up and scurries off the other side of hte couch.... lil devil

2006-01-16 21:36:38 ET

lol I <3 Patches

2006-01-17 05:44:05 ET

muhahahahah MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.........ha
we taught her well

2006-01-17 06:01:21 ET

more like sam taught her well....

2006-01-18 03:52:32 ET

yeah really

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