What If
2006-01-30 19:49:05 ET

do i need to be a different shape to be heard
do need to be so childish to meet your idea
do i need to get madand scream at the world
to make my point
should i cry when im not sad
fuck when im not in the mood
or laugh when im not happy
if i changed my voice and talked like you
would you talk to me
if i dressed like you and always stayed so sad would you like my song
i guess it doesnt matter cause i couldnt care less
i just thought i would ask

2006-01-31 06:16:01 ET

couldn't care less...could care less means you do care.

2006-01-31 06:36:41 ET

no it doesnt i promise i couldnt care less
but thanks any way

2006-01-31 09:34:09 ET

no no, i mean up there on the main post, could care less means you do care but COULD care less, take it literally...=P

2006-01-31 11:24:21 ET

smart ass =)

i <3 the schtuff you write...cause it can be so oddly blunt

2006-01-31 11:26:34 ET


2006-01-31 14:24:59 ET

i'll smack you in the face you know what i mean

2006-01-31 15:31:53 ET

bring it...you and you're poor coreness....i have premium power! yar!

2006-01-31 15:53:00 ET

premium can suck donkey dicks you know you owns you

say it im your daddy you know it

2006-01-31 16:09:28 ET


2006-02-01 06:57:37 ET

you know you owns you...yes josh, i do own myself....and if i were you i'd be happy i got one....premium or core, i know i am!

2006-02-01 06:59:47 ET

man your not kidding i couldve cried when we got ours
it felt like i should go take it to dinner before i played it or something

2006-02-01 09:57:35 ET

quit being so effing Emo Josh!

2006-02-02 06:50:40 ET

i know the feeling...i was hugging the box the entire time i got mine. i was even reluctant to leave it in the car and go back into walmart...i wanted to sit with it and talk to it, i was like BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH AH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA the entire way home.

2006-02-02 07:14:03 ET

oh man....and think, we had to drive ours home alll the way from Knoxville

2006-02-02 08:46:56 ET

Sam: I'll be Emo if i want to (cries in corner)

James: yes it was indeed i very spiritual moment

Kandess: that remark wasnt directed at me but i love anyway

2006-02-02 11:04:57 ET

im going to kidnap your precious little 360 and force it to give me oral "via disk drive"...teheheheheheheheheh.....and then destoy it so that the PS3 will rule supreme....TEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH........

2006-02-02 11:08:28 ET

dude thats wrong and futher more im on an extensive mission to rape ever ps2 and ps3 out there im going to stick my penise in its hard drive and watch it explode


2006-02-02 11:10:30 ET

ya know that if your penis is in it when it explodes you wont be able to pleasure Kandess....didnt think that one through did you...tehehehehehehe....i win again!!!!!

2006-02-02 11:21:14 ET

he never does. lol...

2006-02-02 12:02:35 ET

i refuse to even touch on this subject

2006-02-02 13:56:22 ET

why k, cuz he never takes you out? lol

2006-02-02 16:26:11 ET

O MY Effing GOD...someone is going to get shot before this night is over with

2006-02-02 16:44:05 ET

who needs to go out when all you need is a bedroom...a shower...kitchen table....

2006-02-02 17:41:58 ET

and ham, bread, and some mayonase!

2006-02-02 17:46:03 ET

boi...i'll beat you like your momma shoula...

or...like your boyfriend does except without the sexual part of the beating.

2006-02-03 06:44:26 ET

ew...sam has a boyfriend? *pukes for ten minutes*

2006-02-03 12:19:04 ET

hey what me and Josh Evans do to each other is our business and not yours!!!!!!!!

2006-02-03 13:11:38 ET

that's right, i COULDN'T CARE LESS...josh. haha.

2006-02-03 14:39:17 ET

hey James...your not forgeting that night where we had steamy hot gay sex on your blow up bed are you?

2006-02-03 18:10:35 ET

dude my penis is the like the ultimate its level 99 so it will take more than a puny ps explosion

2006-02-03 21:53:25 ET

Josh seriously...your white...get over yourself!

2006-02-04 05:55:25 ET

i know but i can dream

2006-02-04 07:28:26 ET

muahahahah... i win again!

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