theres no need to cry.... theres always someone that knows how you feel
2006-02-02 10:56:02 ET

do you ever wish you could fly
i always thought it would be so relaxing to
rest on the clouds and watch the stars
that sounds like heaven to me
do you ever wish you could talk
to someone that dosnt make you feel so weak
someone that dosnt pull these fuckin pity me speeches
do you ever wish you could hide away in a book
and pretend your someone else
go on adventures, meet friends and learn you were perfect the way you are
do you ever wish you were younger
when the only thing you had to be worried about was one loop or two
when you didnt care about when to give up your inoccences it didnt matter
you were beautigul no matter what you didnt have to sleep with anybody to be cool didnt have to do drugs to fit in you were perfect just the way you were.

i really had know point in this you can answer them if you like
but it was just randomness

2006-02-02 12:13:16 ET

a lot of people do...

wish that is

2006-02-02 12:29:50 ET

your posts are always really deep.

i have thoughts like that all the time, but i could never put them into words.

2006-02-03 18:18:43 ET

unlabled:i know honey that was the point of the post i love you though

black widowed: well thank you but thats all it was, it wasnt organized or anything but shanks anyways

2006-02-05 10:01:52 ET

smart ass *poke*

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