we say goodnight to see a new day
2006-02-12 12:06:47 ET

we say goodnight to see a new day
if you dont like the way
your life is going change it
i know thats easier said than done
but if your going to complain about something
you should make an honest attempt to change
(this is not ment to be insulting im just ranting)
if you think you weigh to much shouldnt try to do something about
(for those of you who do try im not reffering to you
i understand its harder for some people to lose weight than
others thats fine) i just get so aggravated at people who cry
and wine that thier life sucks when but thier not doing anything
to change life is to short live your life for someone else
or spend time being with some one you dont want to be with
i know i might've offended someone for that im sorry

2006-02-12 13:14:11 ET

i love you

2006-02-14 12:33:07 ET

love you

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