2006-03-14 23:42:49 ET

every note laced in curves,every chord to caress every line,
to rub a finger through every strand of hair,
and hold close the heat in every touch
to breathe in every moan
and kiss every doubt that you should be somewhere else.

well today has been pretty good ive not had any complaints i guess
well.....it has been boring but besides that its been good currently writting new atuff so im glad for that ive actually been feeling really creative lately have you ever just went through thoses weeks where you just feel like your void of any creativity thats how i felt till recently
well thats about it hope everyone is haveing a good week

2006-03-15 07:00:14 ET

oooo kandess, sounds like he loves that geeter more than yoooouuu. oh and....MIDNIGHT CLUB 3 DUB EDITION REMIX IN 2 DAYS...YEEAAAHH! i got burnout revenge for 360 and i love it.

2006-03-15 09:41:27 ET

...thanks James...

2006-03-15 10:23:14 ET

you missed it man thats not what that was about

yeah i heard saw that it got alot of really good reviews
midnight rimix that should be great you know rockstar is going to be making a table tenis game its so weird coming from rockstar

2006-03-15 15:20:17 ET

i know, i read the thing online about that on gameinformer, it said 'if you put in the correct code you'll see where they can shoot the ping pong balls from' i laughed a lot, and gnandess i was only kidding. but anyway, burnout is so awesome...let's me destress...that's hard for a game to do for me...but then i'll get mc3 again and beat it and my stress level will go through the roof again...yeah...freakin immigrants.

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