Oblivion and KH 2
2006-03-20 16:58:58 ET

so its mine and kandess's anniversary it will be two years we've been going out just thought i would let everyone know.

so me and kandess went to gamestop (yes james i know what your going to say gaystop.....) and reserved the elder scrolls: oblivion and Kingdom Hearts 2 thought i would let everyone know

2006-03-20 17:03:45 ET


2006-03-20 17:13:51 ET



2006-03-20 17:18:37 ET

Vampqueen: well thank you

Filledwithpudding: thank you as well
she loves kingdom hearts i actually just beat it last night though after forever playing it

2006-03-20 17:22:20 ET

I still haven't beaten it...


2006-03-20 17:22:44 ET

You're very welcome :)

2006-03-20 17:27:08 ET

you should when you get a chance its really good i wasnt disappointed anyway

2006-03-20 18:05:00 ET

Whats wrong with Gamestop? I happen to believe there's nothing wrong with used, discounted goods.

2006-03-20 18:07:18 ET

Maybe James doesn't like it b/c they didn't have something he wanted?

2006-03-20 18:08:44 ET

Yay two years! Tomorrow is my two years!

2006-03-20 21:32:28 ET

Hey Josh just thought i would let you know that i slept with Kandess a couple of months ago while you were at your moms...muahahahaha

2006-03-20 21:32:50 ET


2006-03-21 04:11:55 ET

no im really good friends with the two of them and it was in the same bed with a big pillow between the two of us.

2006-03-21 07:30:56 ET

yes much congrats on the 2 years, and yeah...GAYstop...sucks brads arse. and he likes it too.

2006-03-21 09:36:41 ET

Congrats on the two years
*kicks james in the teeth* heheh

woot woot for KH2! im rather excited!

even when k and j were dating, we used to all go over to her house and stay up until we all passed out on the floor.. so technically we have all slept with kandess.... *innocent look*

2006-03-21 10:04:41 ET

i am NOT a SLUT!!! damnit...

*dances* yay 2 years.

2006-03-21 11:08:20 ET

But you play the part so well kandess..hehe
remember robert laying on you and laughing on halloween at sarahs house soooooo long ago...hehe fill in the blank kandess 'Robert, when you laugh you shake like a big pink _____'

2006-03-21 14:01:54 ET


2006-03-21 16:01:07 ET


2006-03-21 16:26:55 ET

Liquid Jade and Vampqueen: you know im not for sure i just know when he mentions gamestop he always says gaystop i think they screwed him over once or something

Pezdispenser-O-Doom: thank you, congrats to you as well, hope your 2 year anniversary goes well

Sam: sam sam sam hahahahahaha i know kandess better than that

Brad: thank you, she's told me the story about robert before
does he really laugh that hard

James: thank you, you should really let your anger go its not that bad

Kandess: i know your not a slut thats all that matter right
but you know weve slept together at school on the bus in the school hall in the band room and i could probly name a few other places

i love you so much

2006-03-21 16:28:43 ET

yeah probably so

2006-03-21 17:58:37 ET

okay...now i sound like a slut

2006-03-21 22:35:32 ET

kandess we know your not a slut....you get paid for your duities!

2006-03-22 06:49:19 ET

indeed! not very well mind you... but that doesnt mean your not good.... just means we are all broke :D

2006-03-22 09:42:07 ET

you guys suck....but i love you all

2006-03-22 11:09:11 ET

We love you too Kandess! We love you soooooo much we are all lined up outside your bedroom door waiting for out turn! :D

but in all reality, we do really love you :D

2006-03-22 11:17:44 ET

hey i never said you were a slut...or a whore, or a bitch or anything like that.

2006-03-22 13:45:11 ET

Its true...we do love your cooking...i mean, you!

2006-03-22 13:52:06 ET

hey i like kandess' cooking.

2006-03-22 17:17:18 ET

dayum straight

2006-03-23 06:46:21 ET

Two words... Garlic... Burger!

2006-03-23 06:59:25 ET

OMG i just had an orgasim thinking about her hamburgers...mmmmm

2006-03-23 10:40:58 ET

*rolls eyes* you guys are horrible....

but thanks

2006-03-23 11:15:02 ET

Yes, yes... enough of your thanks.. make with the cooking! hehe *hugs*

2006-03-23 13:56:29 ET

where nature intended for her to be it makes me so happy(tear in eye) sniffle i'm sorry.....i.....i...just cant help it

2006-03-23 20:03:19 ET

....and on our anniversary you continue to make woman jokes......

2006-03-24 06:42:18 ET

no bed action for you josh! HA!
Tis my turn! :D hehe jk

2006-03-24 07:43:47 ET

so how you liking your new games?

2006-03-24 23:08:47 ET

i love it i love it it is so good

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