dreko the cowardly dov
2006-04-05 22:44:24 ET

so its 3:35 and ive been up for like an hour is that sad or what oh well my moms dovermen is afraid thunder storms thats so weird cause his like im big and bad and then he cowards into the bed during thunderstorms so weird for well thats about all i want to say so bye

2006-04-05 22:48:07 ET

I'm up too (Hooked on this video game, can't sleep until I beat the boss)

2006-04-05 23:01:22 ET

what cha playin kandess is playing a game to

2006-04-05 23:02:04 ET

castlevania: dawn of sorrow (ds) what is she playing? sims?

2006-04-05 23:08:54 ET

nope she's playing kingdom heats 2 is castlevania is it good ive not played castlevania sence the Nintendo 64

2006-04-06 01:45:51 ET

Dreikos a big baby...

2006-04-06 10:12:59 ET

i agree

2006-04-06 15:20:18 ET

new castlevania games (ds/gba) are way better than the old stuff

2006-04-07 02:08:03 ET

i'll have to give them a try sometime

2006-04-07 11:55:58 ET

Oh you should I <3 them

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