2006-04-14 15:15:41 ET

if i could bend around your will
i could find away to make you proud
without going against what i believe
stealing smiles is easier
than watching you fret
that im nothing more than sulfer and fire

today has been really boring actually i got to spend it with kandess though so it wasnt to bad

you know what i hate people want inovation they want creativity they want something different but when it comes along they never want to embrace it
i dont know maybe im just being stupid

i hate it when i say something and its takin differently than i was thinking

ive been feeling alittle distracted lately i think ive been practiceing to much or something i dont know

i hate feeling like theres nothing i can do

me and my mamaw use to walk to dairy dart for ice cream i miss her

i use to skip classes to go practice and smoke i was such a loser

i doubt myself way to much,im not negative i guess just when comes to me i guess i judge to harsh

well thats it for now i know i know it was so intresting haha save some for another post

2006-04-14 16:07:23 ET

...I look up to you

2006-04-14 18:15:01 ET

man, we all need to hang out we need to cheer yours and kandess's asses up! even if its us all sitting around in bath robes with our hair up in towels and a gallon of ice cream in each of our laps.

2006-04-15 04:12:15 ET

now thats something to see our hair is like frizzed out now thats watching like opra and days of our lives that waould be funny
but i agree we should

2006-04-15 14:54:09 ET

yeah, we should

2006-04-18 06:16:53 ET

by god.

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