2006-04-30 16:31:28 ET

is it just a joke to make claims on a life that youve not earn
ive had alot on my mind lately i really dont know what to write
and i dont think im going to say exactly what i feel right now so you'll just have to wait sorry ive come to the conclusion that i dissown ken lawson faye lawson and one of their kids if your wondering yesterday they would have been known as grandparents and uncle that i dont like today they are strangers they make me so angry they are hypocracy at its finest
ken and faye people that are suppose to support me thought i was gay for the logest time they have done nothing that ive seen that would ever make them grandparents its so frustrating they go to church praise god then go home and make judgments on everyone like the world is thier court room jesse on the other hand would swear up and down that his a great uncle but he deserves no such title i spent at least a good 14 to 15 years of my life trying to be friend to someone who just wanted the attention when he was sad i tried to be there when he was happy in trouble when he needed me i was there he never once comforted me when i was sad if anything he was knife in a wound i already had but i never said anything to him for years it went on like this he had something to lean on when he needed it and i had nothing he use to date this little girl well i imagen she's not little anymore but besides the out they dated for i think a year he would come up to me and go you know i just dont think i love her any more i just think she's not the one and whatever oh this is after all the times i had to go with them because he didnt want to go alone they hardly ever had time by thierselves it was so annoying i almost felt sorry for her anywhere there were times when he didnt even want to take her home from places because he wanted to do something eles anway when he finally broke up with her he wined and cried that she was gone got mad at her new bf when she got one like he expected her to stay single then made up a story about he was taken over by some spirit that wanted to take over the world and now he's the protector of earth oh he makes me so mad and yes he believes himself oh it make (growl anyway just thought i would say

2006-05-01 07:04:44 ET

i'm definetly glad you got that off your chest. cuz i didn't understand a word of it. i'm happy for ya josh, you're venting your frustration...good day. haha.

2006-05-01 09:29:45 ET

if you knew jesse and ken and faye you would completly understand

2006-05-01 14:38:47 ET

i know jesse...unless he's not the one i know...

2006-05-01 19:41:42 ET

You gotta learn to place your own periods in his sentences. If you can do that, it's very easily understood.

I think it's funny 'cause he didn't even know he wrote that much...happens when you get all pissed off and such.

2006-05-01 22:50:53 ET

(redneck voice) Mr.el GOOche: yep thats the jesse

Unlabled:i didnt either it was weird sorry for the inabillity to have periods most the time i dont even think about periods im just writing before i forget what im writing

2006-05-02 07:11:58 ET

oh ok, i understand now....some people just weren't blessed with the ability to punctuate.

2006-05-02 07:12:45 ET

i also think it's funny kandess that he called you unlabeled and not honey, or baby, or some other name in his arsenal of oogley googley baby names.

2006-05-02 11:31:49 ET

Honey and baby are the only oogley-googley baby names we use...

2006-05-02 12:40:00 ET

i didn't know i thought he called you 'friggin woman' one day...hahah, kidding.

2006-05-02 15:02:08 ET


2006-05-02 15:13:02 ET

Or some other obsene name...lol.

2006-05-03 21:19:02 ET

i call her friggen woman all the time...sigh...its the only thing that get her attention now adays...unless you throw a stove at her...muahahahah....kandess i love ya!

2006-05-03 21:25:14 ET

some people you can only ignore...I'd continue to ignore you too if it wasn't for the stove throwing

2006-05-03 21:26:31 ET


2006-05-04 16:19:44 ET

so you call her masterbation you know i like you but theres a line somewhere im sure

2006-05-04 16:35:30 ET


2006-05-04 18:33:06 ET

aperently its an older word for women masterbation its weird

2006-05-04 20:12:55 ET

yeah frig=masturbation. Didn't ya know that?

2006-05-04 20:43:33 ET

know but now i do...and knowing half the battle...GeeeeeeeeeIIIIII JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

2006-05-05 07:13:19 ET

so if i said manfrig...that would me man women masturbation which is mutual masturbation?

2006-05-05 09:38:14 ET

no it would mean just masturbation...not women masturbation

2006-05-05 12:25:56 ET


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