im so tired
2006-05-21 00:54:27 ET

"if your walking forward theres no need to look at the past, if you spend your days wishing for what you had you may never get what your looking for now."

"its hard to find perfection looking in a dirty glass"

"if love was easy to find would it be worth loving"

"patience is a virtue"

someday i would like to have a house in japan not to live forever but to have when i wanna get away or something.

i dont know why but the older i get the more i like asian-esqu things i mean ive always liked them but i dont know. still want to practice t'ai chi though but no one around here teaches it. i need to start getting my days and nights fixed again, i feel so much better when they're fixed. my hair is really long so when i get it colored and fixed the way i want it there will be pics. well thats about it love you all goodnight.

2006-05-21 01:14:00 ET

Hi Josh! What color(s)?

2006-05-21 18:32:25 ET

'ello i wanna color the right side purple i love black and purple so i might do that but i dont know im still thinking

2006-05-21 18:52:13 ET

sounds like a great idea !

2006-05-21 18:56:48 ET

It always looks good when it's purple and black

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