Smith and Wesson Model .500
2008-01-24 05:12:20 ET

I want it! Hello all I'm new here. :)

2008-01-24 05:38:27 ET

hello... welcome to SK =)

2008-01-24 05:57:22 ET

howdy, welcome.

2008-01-24 08:57:04 ET


2008-01-24 09:20:52 ET

Welcome to SK.

2008-01-24 09:30:14 ET

Welcome to SK

*touches you*

2008-01-24 09:46:43 ET


oh and welcome to! :D

2008-01-24 11:08:24 ET

hey and welcome.... awesome pistol..

2008-01-24 17:49:16 ET

I didn't think you'd sign up. Well, cool beans even if you don't hang around much.

I still think that the IMI BFR in .45-70 is a good alternative to the S&W .500, but meh... It's about preferrence.

I'd actually like to have the S&W if I were going through an area with bears, or hippos....what? Hippos are mean!

2008-01-25 10:45:30 ET

welcome to

2008-01-26 13:26:38 ET

Thanks everyone.

Doc.Hex.: I was actually looking at some bears that guys have taken out with the 500. They are HUGE!! Some took 'em out at just 10 yards. That has to be a rush. I want to try! lol

2008-02-01 13:48:15 ET

'ello. i think the van is still out of service.

2008-02-03 16:06:11 ET

Welcome to SK!

that van... *piercing glare* that van...

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