wut a day........
2004-02-15 15:48:52 ET

i spent the whole day doing nothing, other than that,i feel fine..i need a job bad, any suggestions?..... im glad im on SK :-) hehe.....

2004-02-15 15:49:53 ET

Welcome to SK.

2004-02-15 15:50:24 ET

thanx:-) i feel so loved

2004-02-15 15:50:36 ET

Welcome to SK. Job market sucks right now. =)

2004-02-15 15:51:02 ET

welcome welcome

2004-02-15 15:53:25 ET


2004-02-15 15:53:57 ET

Welcome! and let me be the first to say it is addictive. Oh and also we are just the begining of the welcomes, it will go on for days.

2004-02-15 15:59:35 ET

yeah...ive been told, but you'll have that...:-P

2004-02-15 15:59:51 ET

Welcome to sk! ^____^

2004-02-15 16:07:30 ET


2004-02-15 16:23:03 ET

welcome to subkultures!!


2004-02-15 16:26:27 ET

Welcome Welcome!!

2004-02-15 16:40:04 ET


2004-02-15 16:41:55 ET

Welcome Welcome Welcome

As for a job...find one, tell me, I need one too.

2004-02-15 16:47:36 ET


2004-02-15 16:49:28 ET

howdy do!

2004-02-15 17:12:29 ET

im a bit late but WELCOME TO SK! enjoy

2004-02-15 17:15:15 ET

I'm even later....Welcome!

2004-02-16 11:08:39 ET

hehe i plan to enjoy SK!:-)

2004-02-16 11:12:50 ET

Welcome to SK. Run while you can

2004-02-16 11:24:55 ET

but i dont wanna run.....i like it....:-P

2004-02-16 11:26:36 ET

Too late! we have her surounded, she'll never get away now.

2004-02-16 11:29:12 ET


2004-02-16 11:31:43 ET

awwwwwwwwwwwww you guys made me ink! hehhehe, but ummmmm why am i surounded? wut did i do?

2004-02-16 11:54:39 ET

We will be watching you, crawling into your mind, peering into your heart, anylizing your words, disecting your thoughts and then THEN WE'LL KNOW!......um .. stuff.
Nope! nope! that whole sinister thing just didn't hold together, gotta work on that last part some more.

2004-02-16 11:56:16 ET

Oh yea! moohoohah!

2004-02-16 11:56:41 ET

i think im scared? but i dunno? believe me, u dont wanna get in my mind....lol not a whole lot goin on up there ne way...but i warned u....enter if u wanna....

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