Mr. Bubble.....
2004-02-15 16:42:34 ET

I just got done giving my hamspter a bath, she smells funny. and i used mr. bubble so now she smells all pretty and such. hehe im really tired, so i think i shall hit the hay for u guys!:-)

2004-02-15 16:49:39 ET

I thought that rodents tend to bleed from the eyes if you bathe them.....I hope that isn't true...for everyones sake

2004-02-15 16:54:03 ET

nahh my lil shit is iight....she aint dead

2004-02-15 16:56:14 ET

taht may be wrong...someone told me that after I died my rat pink with food coloring....soooooooooooooooo yea

2004-02-15 17:10:08 ET

my rats don't have any hair, so they stay pretty clean

2004-02-15 17:37:50 ET

welcome :)
i wish i had a hamster. or any pet. all i have are some old stuffed animals from my childhood, that ive brought from home. haha

2004-02-16 03:27:58 ET

late...but welcome :D

i could never picture someone giving a bath to there hampster.

thats awesome though

2004-02-16 10:53:04 ET

yeah u'll have that.....

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