twin power!
2004-02-16 10:56:26 ET

so i just got home, wut a day.....long and boring...but thats everyday. Fell asleep in biggie. So yeah..2 of my friends r twins and i cannot tell them apart. sad really, and they r both guys.sometimes i wish i had a tiwn, but i enjoy being an only has its advanages....but any way,now i just wanna take a hot shower, do home work and go cuddle up and watch tv all night, but that wont happen. and as much as i say i wanna go 2 bed early it never fuckin happends. if i had a job, i would prolly b there and not at home sittin on my butt. but oh well....ta ta 4 now guys...loves ya!

2004-02-16 11:46:53 ET

i like your avatar.. thats the best one ive seen !! very pretty !

2004-02-16 11:49:10 ET

thanx....its differnt....and it has glitter on it so its all good:-)oh and btw i love your hair....i want it!lol.

2004-02-16 11:50:38 ET

im a giant fan of glitter lip gloss.. it's the shit.

2004-02-16 11:51:40 ET

oh yes glitter lip gloss is tha shit! I have like a million diff. types of it....MUHAHAHA!and i still want your hair!lol:-P

2004-02-16 11:53:02 ET

thankies !

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