hot pockets.....yummy
2004-02-17 17:50:52 ET

so yes,another day is over! thank god. i really dont wanna go 2 school. i wish it would snow really bad,but its not :-( sad really. im so bored,ive dont nothing all evening,watch tv,i fell asleep for a bit but then i woke up and had hot pockets for dinner, the good kind,pizza*Yummmmmmm* o yesh. im going to 2 go 2 bed really tired and im tired of gettin up in the morning feelin all shit like and such. so imma hit tha hay...not 2 love you guys:-)tata 4 now...

2004-02-17 21:17:49 ET

Good night for now, just wanted to say love your backround and avatar, and a really late welcome!!

2004-02-18 12:41:34 ET

awww thanx. that makes me feel so loved:-)

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