sometimes you feel like a nut,sometimes you dont....
2004-02-27 11:10:12 ET

Today was boring, always is. no matter what happends durring the day its always boring,ANY WHO! so yeah I have the entire weekend,and NOTHING too This is very odd for me in may ways, I mean damn 2 day I asked almost every person I knew wut they were gona do this weekend,and all I got from them was a bunch of bull shit. so then in doing this next time they ask me if they wanna do something with me im gonna b like "Nahh I cant, I have more important thing to do tonight, maybe you should have thought about me when I asked you tha same fucking thing two weeks ago." so that shows how much of a bitch I can really be....Im just tired of all the bull shit so yeah....

Have you ever felt like you have a friend,but they arent really your friend at all,I know quite a few ppl who r just like that, well I find it this way,if u dont wanna fuckin associate with me,then dont,I dont wanna waste my fuckin time on some bull shittin ppl,and then end up hurting my self in the end, its not good. I feel as if im trying to hard to impress it ok to do that? I really dont give a shit if it is or not,I give up on everything becuase im a better person than that,im better than what most ppl expect of me. and thats ok on some notes, but I just really dont give a flying fuck.

Im tired of having to put my time and effort in to something I care nothing about,if i dont like it,or I dont wanna do it,then im not. I dont want waste my time. I know I have something better to do. so im just like wut ever.I dont care ne just so tired of all the bull shit,the antics of todays society,and most of all people at my school. I just wish they would all fuck off and go 2 hell. but I now thats not gonna happen,but someday it will. then I will have my victory,and life will be good again. once I can regain everything I once had,life will fell as if it is back to NORMAL. But I ask my self,what is normal? are you normal? am i normal? what in the hell is normal any more? I just wish someone could anwser me that...

love you guys,:-)

2004-02-27 12:48:52 ET

Normal is conformity and mediocrity. Remember that, and you'll go far in this world :P

2004-02-28 08:28:33 ET

well im glad you think I will. as far as I am concerned, i dont care about ne thing any more, its all a crock of shit and im tired of all the childish games that people play now a days.

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