cartoons,damn have they gotten dirty!
2004-02-28 18:49:44 ET

Well,I just finished watching this fuckin weird ass cartoon with my cousins, this was one of those funky ones kind of like pokemon, but like 100 times worse, dont get me wrong it was funny as shit but omg! all u saw for like 10 mins is this gurls boobs, and I was like dude! wtf is this and my cuz was like chill and watch, very very dirty. but it was funny so then again i cant really complain to much. so yeah its wutever.

2004-02-28 18:52:07 ET

Are you talking about hentai? That genre is pretty crazy.

2004-02-28 18:53:22 ET

I have no idea wut it was some fucked up one, ill have 2 ask my cousin.

2004-02-28 19:16:56 ET

Those are cool

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