Sometimes there just arent any words....
2004-02-29 17:33:31 ET

I really really hate people that lie. I just wish they would all die. I have use for people like that in my life. I figure it this way,If your gonna stoop that low into lying to me, then there is no use for u. I dont lie to other so why do it to me? I just wish there were some DECENT people in this world.

I just need to get away from it all. Thats what I did this past weekend, But it wasnt enough. I cant keep on living like this. I need help.

2004-02-29 17:47:37 ET

Your first two sentences rhymed. I was quite dissapointed when the rest didn't.

2004-02-29 18:09:16 ET

I wasnt trying to make them rhyme. Its just how im feeling right now.

2004-02-29 18:20:58 ET

all the decent people are hiding. because theyre afraid of the obnoxious bastards in the world. But then again that may just be me

2004-02-29 19:29:52 ET

... interesting...

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