Its all i could do...
2004-03-03 15:06:48 ET

Ive come to the conclusion,Life isnt what its all cracked up to be. Ive tryed so hard to be someone im not.that didnt work. Ive tryed to act like my self.That didnt go over well as i thought it would do. But i figure it this way. When i find my ture self, and being, then i will know.

Im so alone in this world. i express my self in my art,and in my writings,but i feel as it isnt enought. Ive learned this much, I dont need self pitty,and i dont need it from others. it get me no where. but i will live. i suppose. imma hop off here for u guys....:-) bye bye.

2004-03-03 15:53:18 ET

You've started to find yourself, its a start.
Few people know who they are, and those who do are lucky. Go ahead and act like yourself. I do, people hate me for it but thats okay cuz if theyre not secure with me thats their problem because you should like yourself and not what people want you to be.

hoooooray for standardized answers. Heres mine:
To hell with everyone if they aren't for you they aren't worth it. If you are who you say you are ppl will know and friends will come outa the woodwork, Its amazing the type of people i've made friends with since I've been out of school.

seriously hang in there, it may not get better but ease is something that comes with life

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