people,i hate them....
2004-03-04 13:44:38 ET

i cant understand why people gotta lie 2 me. its nothing but a bunch of bull shit. i have no friends,i cant trust any one. i need help. what am i gonna do? the ones i hold close to me betray me. and they always turn their backs on me. i need some one in my life to where i no i can always count on them. what am i gonna do. i just dont understand.

2004-03-04 14:11:37 ET

trustable friends don't just happen... it takes a long while to develop that kind of relationship with someone. don't worry, you'll find trustworthy friends eventually. just don't jump the gun and make friends with the wrong people.

be picky.

2004-03-04 17:23:05 ET

only way i make it trough the day is put on a smile grit the teeth and roll with the punches. its all one can do

yea i agree ive had the same circle of friends since 5th grade nobody could possibly be closer to me right now

2004-03-05 13:20:07 ET

There is a saying, keep your enemies close, Keep your friends Closer!

Good luck

2004-03-05 19:02:09 ET

Yeah,but if that were ONLY true. I have some friends,but i have many more enemies. But oh well...

2004-03-06 07:22:53 ET

yea enemies have never been a problem for me either

2004-03-06 15:26:45 ET

yeah some people will have that. but i dont no any more

2004-03-07 17:04:18 ET

whats the matter?

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