i havent been here in a while.....weird isnt it?....
2004-03-15 12:56:12 ET

SO........i havent written a journal entry in a while, been busy wif school and such. I really havent had the chance to do anything really. I was at the store the other day,I just got payed, so I wanted 2 go shoppin. I bought this movie, "House Of The Dead"......OMG it was sooooo stupid. What ever u do, DO not go rent it, and DO not go buy it. I have 2 go shopping 4 a prom dress soon. My prom is in May....mmmmm cant wait:) SENIOR PROM! its sooo much better than my junior prom. heheh so yesh.... BUT anyways...i got lots of shit 2 do.....ill talk 2 u guys later! loves ya!

2004-03-15 13:16:55 ET

house of the dead sucked. I wasted money on that at the theater, i've been avoiding theaters ever since. Their previews are more entertaining then the movie. Lies i tell you, lots and lots of lies.

2004-03-16 09:47:06 ET

Strange with you two talking about the movie that make 25 total people that have told me not to watch that damn movie... Hmmm I see a pattern.

Grats on the prom, I never went to either of mine, you should tell me how they go so I know what I missed.

2004-03-16 11:04:28 ET

Well yeah, it truly did suck some major ass. I bought it at wal*mart...I wonder since I opened it, if they would take it back? i dunno yet?

And about prom, im going shopping and looking 4 a dress, but I only wish I could buy a guy like I buy clothes. if only it were that easy? anybody got any sugesstions??....i need help:-(

2004-03-16 11:54:54 ET

If ya got the reciet they'll take it back, hell even if you don't you can exchange it or get money back. Wal mart is good for that shit. heh heh I've been known to rip em off some money doing that...

Yea I agree with you it would be easier, but untill that happens yea i dunno where I'm goin with that...

2004-03-16 13:30:48 ET

Ahhhhhhhhhhh I see......lol I havent dont that yet. but I will. oh I will. lol

2004-03-16 16:45:01 ET

God, I gotta go get a prom dress too!

2004-03-16 21:38:04 ET

Man, I was at work and everybody was shocked I didn't go to prom...

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