its like why even try???.....
2004-03-31 14:00:36 ET

Well....ive come 2 the conclusion,i really dont know who i am anymore. Ive tryed 2 find my "inner self" but it seems asif i cannot find it.So yeah. Any ways....ive had a long week,so far i mean even tho its only what wendsday,feels like friday so i dunno. so yeah....imma get off here....try 2 do something meaningfull....maybe...bye bye

2004-03-31 15:37:42 ET

yea. i feel you on the whole lost self thing. i don't know if i'm ever gonna get it... so i just try to say fuck it and have a good time.

2004-04-01 21:08:14 ET

I've never met myself before. It's all a journey, through your life you travel seeing more of yourself. Though I doubt if you lived a million years you'd figure it out. Seriously the best advice fuck everyone else put yourself first atleast that way you'll know yourself better.

2004-04-01 21:35:31 ET

well said. i totally agree with that advice. i used to be into that whole attitude like "yea, i'll lay down my life for this other person" and thought i was fuckin jesus christ or something. later i realized i was just a pathetic co-dependent enabler who tried to take care of other people because i didn't want to deal with my own issues. fuck that. there's no such thing as a selfless act, by putting on this whole act i was just reaffirming my own selfishness. but yea, again, good advice.. fuck other people, if you don't put yourself ahead of everyone else, no one else is going to.

2004-04-01 21:42:20 ET

its interesting that a cycle of selfishness begins with conception

2004-04-03 11:37:03 ET

i soooo farking totaly agree!,but one day i will find my self,but it isnt gonna be today....

2004-04-04 07:24:48 ET

good luck with that, i got bored and lost

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