2004-07-12 09:16:03 ET

so yeah....im watchin tv, nothing 2 do....i got less than a week till i go 2 JAMACIA! i cannot wait....and i just wanna leave right now. but the sad thing is i havent even packed, im soooo bad at packing, i always over pack or under pack, and ill always 4 get something. but its ok..ill b ok, i think? i dunno...but 4 now imma go....loves you guys.....

2004-07-18 01:38:02 ET

ack ur so lucky to be going to Jamacia, take me with you!

2004-07-19 16:22:28 ET

well i can bring ya sumthing back:) lol just need ur address:P:P im leaving in TWO days!!!!!yay~!

2004-07-19 21:26:45 ET

OMG wow. thats very sweet of you ill pm you my addy.

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