jamaica HERE I COME!
2004-07-19 16:26:02 ET

so yeah.jamaica...its gonna b great im gonna sit my ass on tha beach and prolly fall asleep and get soooo sun burnt and such, but if i do... its ok.ill live....*i hope* haha

but any ways.....ill be gone 4 a week...till then children..tata! loves u guys....

and btw.its my 50th journal entry:) happy happy joy joy:)

2004-07-19 18:44:15 ET

have fun! :)

2004-07-19 21:35:43 ET

congrats on 50 journal entires. And enjoy Jamaica, be sure to have a blast for both of us

2004-07-29 13:57:56 ET

hehe I DID!

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