2004-08-22 12:16:05 ET

im tired, im clean, and i took tha puppie out.....what big day 4 me. oh yes. now i just need to do something constructive...maybe. and there isnt shit on tha boob toob. and i like pepsi.....

2004-08-22 12:20:41 ET

you said boob tub. lol And why not drink Dr. Pepper? Live alittle. Mix it up and be a rebel. lol

2004-08-22 12:21:46 ET

yeah i like that 2....but i havent had pepsi in like 100 years....and i had Dr.Pepper like 2 days

2004-08-22 12:22:59 ET

Indeed. *rubs chin* Well why not listen to music? Expand your reading quota for today.

2004-08-22 12:23:59 ET

its summer. i dont wanna read....and i might just go watch my allllllll time fave movie....a clockwork orange.....very very very good movie...

2004-08-22 12:24:52 ET

Never seen that one. I'm more a black and white zombie movie kinda guy.

2004-08-22 12:25:37 ET

u should go rent it.......its a classic....1971...that very momther even saw it.but shes old anyway.......sad but tru

2004-08-22 12:28:43 ET

Nothing wrong with old movies. Some of the greats were old and then cheaply made. I have seen all the old movies put out in my dad's day. Well all the horror movies from that time.

2004-08-22 12:30:31 ET

yea yea.........shoot me......*is dying of BORDEM!!!!!!!!!!!*

2004-08-22 12:31:53 ET

*Gets squirtgun*Squish!

Well come on it's not that bad? Don't you have anyplace that is fun about this time of day? Arcade or park or something?

2004-08-22 12:33:07 ET

fuck no...i live in a lil SMALL ASS 18,and im broke as shit....and im not goin 2 wal*mart.....

2004-08-22 12:34:00 ET

O.o *hides*Sorry. And yeah wally world is hell. 18? Well dang. I'm always broke but I do stuff. Not much but still stuff.

2004-08-22 12:34:40 ET

and ur how old 45, 46> lol:P i dunno im watchin tv...and smokin a me.....

2004-08-22 12:35:55 ET

Oo....Now I'm hurt. I'm 22. Do I really look that old? *weeps*

2004-08-22 12:37:14 ET

awwwwwww no just shave and ull b iight hehehe *sniffs tha sharpie marker*

2004-08-22 12:39:40 ET

O.o shave? I can't defile this national treasure! *sniffs*Besides if I do my face will look really round lol

2004-08-22 12:41:17 ET

oh well so ull have a round head.....most ppl do....i dont...but u do. just do it.

2004-08-22 12:42:23 ET


*hides*Yes ma'am! lol

2004-08-22 13:25:51 ET

damn right.......

2004-08-22 13:29:08 ET

lol okay.

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