so ok yeah..........
2004-08-23 18:59:24 ET

im so bored, nothing seems 2 make me happy any more, and 4 those who know me, thats very sad. i do alot of stuff i suppose, but its just so....blah...very blah at that. i just feel so numb, and so unimportant. but thats besides the thing... i just need 2 look at tha brighter side of things i suppose. its like a close friend said 2 me, and im not gonna quote it, cuz i dont really remember what all she said, *i was prolly high, or drunk, and thats how we stayed* sumthing matter what u do, ill always love u 4 who u r, and ur always gonna b my best friend....some thing along tha lines of that so its all good......i miss tha good old days.........:(

2004-08-24 04:51:02 ET

Things from the past are hard to have back in the present. I know. I was for alot of things from my past. But the only thing we can do is move on and work for a happier life for ourselves. Even if you become sad because of it. Because one day in the future you'll be happy somewhere somehow.

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