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2005-03-08 16:41:30 ET

fuck her!

thank you so much...

2005-03-08 17:32:21 ET

fuck who?

youre welcome

2005-03-09 11:44:41 ET

Well that just leaves things wide open, now doesn't it?

2005-03-10 11:12:13 ET

You REALLY dont wanna know why im so FUCKIGN PISSED!

Thanx so much....

and by the way, i like to have it OPEN!

2005-03-10 13:48:48 ET

alrighty then... so how about those mets?!

2005-03-11 20:06:13 ET

helluva game, helluva game.

2005-03-13 13:56:55 ET

sure was

2005-03-13 14:01:34 ET

Eat it TINA!........Idiot!

2005-03-13 14:07:55 ET

yeah tina! you tell em girl

2005-03-13 14:15:56 ET

Tina you fat lard! EAT your dinner!.........Idiot!

2005-03-14 10:36:10 ET

I have to go now....

2005-03-14 19:06:03 ET

OH NO, dont u leave.......*cryes* why dose everyone leave me!

2005-03-15 10:57:27 ET

Because you have poor grammar.

2005-03-15 10:59:17 ET

shut up......i know this.....and i dont't poo on you.

2005-03-16 12:01:36 ET


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