2005-03-13 14:23:14 ET

so i cleaned........and i cleaned...and i ate sum pizza.....and now im bored.

thanks so much!

2005-03-13 16:46:17 ET

sounds like fun.

Question: why do you always have "thank you so much" at the end. Who are you thanking? The people reading...? (I'm confused)

2005-03-14 10:45:54 ET

Agreed. I wouldn't mind a little clarification on that little tidbit of information. If you don't care for an extrapolation, then don't supply subject inflation.

2005-03-14 19:04:50 ET

well.....now that u have said something.maybe i am thanking tha ppl who read my bull shit...but no 1 EVER friggin reads them ANY WAY! *sniffs* makes me sad.

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