Remember back when?........
2005-03-16 19:22:55 ET

SO i had the most enjoyable night with my best friend amber. IT WAS FRIGGIN SWEET!.... All we did was talk...just about out childhood, and how it used to be okay to run the streets, and you know u would be okay. it was so great.i cryed, and then i knew she wanted to cry.. we talked about when i used 2 live at my old house, and when she lived at her town house, and when she moved again.......its just crazy b/c we have grown up so much and the past 10 years have changed our lives forever.

It makes me think about how much i want to re-live those days and how much i miss it. and all the people that were there and just about loved with me..Tv's changed, movies have changed, music, everything that we love is so much diffrent. and it makes me sad on how much we have grown up and we actually have somewhat of a good life. I told amber that if she soooooooo going with her. i dont care, im goin. Amber is my best friend, and i love her with all my heart, shes always going to be my best friend.

I just cant believe that we have grown up:( we spent the last 3 hours in my room just talking..i mean we could write books and make millions on our childhood, it would be so great! i miss everything about our so glad i can remember just about everything that has happend to me....and amber and all my other friends..... well kiddys, i just hope u can re-live ur goin to bed....night night
thanks so much. *kisses*

2005-03-16 19:34:30 ET

That's so deep. I wish I had an eventful childhood full of joy, adventure and niftiness and such... and a friend...

2005-03-20 21:46:55 ET

yeah i miss the past also. i feel ya

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