fuckin drama
2005-08-13 17:13:37 ET

so its like this, im tired of drama, i need a vacation, i hate bitches, im so fuckin stressed. which sucks so much ass. im so broke, im looking for a job, its going alright i guess, but its not good enought for my family. *they are also getting on my fucking nerves.* men are assholes. beauty school has turned in to the 7th grade, bitches who talk shit, run their mouths, and just start shit to start shit. and boy i tell you what since last september it has gotten really fucking old. the last 11 months havent been exactly fun. i think i need to quit smoking, but if i do ill prolly end up killing my self cuz idk i just feel better when i smoke a cigg. *and for those who dont smoke, can kiss my ass at this point i dont give a shit* sorry. Im a very blunt person and i dont give a shit i really dont.

i just dont know what tha fuck im going to do any more..?

Thank you...

2005-08-13 17:22:28 ET

i quit beauty school and a big part was because of this, it was like they took the five bitchiest cliquiest most stuck on themselves girls from every high school and stuck them in a room with nothing to do but cause problems all day... sorry you are going through it

2005-08-16 15:04:46 ET

yeah well atleast i now know some one who knows wtf im actually talking about.....im about to graduate and i just dont need bitches shit...

2005-08-16 15:07:03 ET

yeah its not just a you thing
the school i went to had a ton of chicks on speed too which did not help matters

2005-08-16 15:09:53 ET

lol.....well most of tha lil girls i go to school with, are high or drunk.....and we also have a gay guy..and hes mean for being gay.

2005-08-16 15:10:56 ET

lol catty
the word you are looking for is catty

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