im free im free im free at last! thank god!
2005-08-25 12:24:21 ET

FINALLY! after one year of beauty school..i graduated....all the drama and the bull shit and tha lies and shit. OVER. the girls and all of the perms i didnt want to do. OVER. all my requests and the ppl im gonna miss. OVER.. but thats one of the things im going to miss. me and my girl cat finally did it. i feel as if i did my self a great thing in my life. im so proud of my self. i feel as if a million pound rock has been lifted off my shoulders and its great =) so now all i have to do is wait and take my boards.... *scared* i found out that my gurl angela who graduated like a month ago, her paper work wasnt right the address wasnt right so that makes me wonder if my teacher actually knows what shes doing? i mean come on now! get shit RIGHT!

so going to take me some time, collect my thoughts.....and chill.the fair starts and sum friends are gonna go saturday im excited....cant wait..the fun, my old friends, the food, the rides, the dreby...thats like the best part of the summer....geez im such a lil kid.

As far as everything sad....Today, one year ago my best friend Charles Russell Cecil died sad cuz hes not here, and i miss him so much and im kind of depressed cuz this was the day he died, and this was the day today that i hurts me, but i know hes in a much better makes me want to live my life fuller, do more things with my life. i miss him dearly....he was my best friend.and ill never 4 get him.... *sighs*

Thank you.

2005-08-25 12:39:15 ET

Congratulations! -does a jig for you-

-hugs- atleast you still remember him that's all you can do, and its enough.. -nods-

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