im done.
2005-08-31 19:24:24 ET

im so fucking fed up im so for real this time, all i wanna do is wash my hands of stupid people. im not in the right state of mind, i feel like shit. i feel as if i nothing left any more and i know i dont and just dont know what to do any more. im tired of the lies and the games and all the bull shit i have to deal with. im done with men, im done with my friends, im done with everything. i just dont know what to do. i just wanna pull out all my hair and scream to the top of my lungs and just faint. i just want to go to the fartherst place away and not come back. i wouldnt even sure no one would. i hate everything and all the people around me. im just gonna say fuck it and not give two shits less about anything.

Im ruthless,im fat,im annoying,i dont lie,i have no man,i cant sleep,i take to many pillz,i need to stop smoking,i smoke weed,i do other drugz,i need a job,i hate my family sometimes,i have nothing to help my self. Why is that i give so much out to ppl and i get nothing back, no oh thanks, or anything. im so just.........*sighs* done. im so fucking AHHHHHHHHHHH i just dont know. im mad, i hate being lied to. my best friend is more worried about where her black boyfriend is than her school..which is sad, her sister is a slut, they both have dick headed boyfriends who use them. wtf am i going to do with my self. i just needed some where to fucking vent. and i cant talk to any one, b/c if i do drama starts and shit gets told that isnt true and i fucking hate that shit. im done........i so fucking done.....

thank you.

2005-08-31 19:34:54 ET

that should make me feel better
but it didn't

2005-08-31 21:43:58 ET

idk what you think.....

2005-08-31 22:41:01 ET


2005-09-02 06:39:48 ET

and who do you think you are any way??.....

2005-09-02 06:57:08 ET

your sole responder
to this post anyway
I just relate to allot of what you said
I don't do other drugs however
chocolate, caffine, nicotine

I hate the fact that people worry about relationships so much

2005-09-02 11:28:25 ET

its not even that, im just done....ive washed my hands, and its no big deal now......

2005-09-02 11:30:37 ET

you have but your friend hasn't

and cool

2005-09-02 16:35:53 ET

yeah well one day.......she will.....

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