Captain Casey    2003-12-23 23:19:18 ET
----"I am going to go finish scarface, Then I am going to gank it, then I am going to go to a girls house from breakfast"

He doesn't treat me like any other girl. But its ok, cuz I don't want to bone 'im.

So's all coming together w/Josh. I think I kinda bored him though. I really suck a cyber. Ha. Poor little virginme.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~T.M.I. I know

So love to all this as been a great Christmas eve! and its only 2:18!

 Hmm...should I be worried???????    2003-12-23 19:21:57 ET

kinky isn't a feather...its using the whole damn
chicken! and you kno it. you are so kinky that
even you are afraid of yourself sometimes.

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