All my friends can die    2003-01-02 17:02:10 ET
Ok not all but most. I am so fucking tired of being peoples back up friend. People need to stop being fucking ass holes to me. I'm so sick of peoples shit.

whats my scene?

brought to you by Quizilla

Haha funny I hate slipknot, rarely go to the mall,and I am perfectly clean.

Chris called me today.

 She    2002-12-25 13:32:47 ET
I have realized that mabey I sould spend more time with some ne who can add more to the conversation than "Oh, yeah I'd do him!" "Pick me up!" "He's hot!" and insults.

On happeor note

...Its a time for play, its a wipped cream day, I wait for it the whole year round!

Ok Some mabey 98% of the snow did melt , but we did have a white christmas eve.

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