2003-08-09 06:05:58 ET

It seems lately that no one cares about music. I haven't been talking to anyone that is uderly in love with music as I am, and that fills me with sorrow. Most of the ppl round here listen to top 20 and thats fine,the sad part they don't even care to know if there is other music out there. Most even get angry if you ask them to try listen to a different type. I don't really understand how or why someone could/would limit theirselves in such a way. Besides if you start to limit youself there, where do you end up? I mean I'd try different styles or watch other t.v. shows becuase I know that just becuase I try something out of my norm it doesn't change who I am, and hey, I might even like it or mabey it is just becuase I love music,but to me it seems...not right.

2003-08-09 06:29:51 ET

I had a guy hitting on me once and he actually told me he didnt care about music. that was it for me. I just dont understand how people could not love music.

2003-08-09 06:31:01 ET

Wow not caring is a sexy trait. That'll always rope 'em in.

2003-08-09 06:34:53 ET

yeah i thought it was amusing.

2003-08-09 06:42:59 ET

I care about music a whole lot. What kinda music do you like?

2003-08-09 06:51:35 ET

I like alot of things.Its much esiaser to say what I don't like. There isn't anything that I hate completly, but I don't really like counrty, or that really happpy bouncey pop music,and although I do listen to rap there are alot of unorigianal arstists there, and alot of the ongs have no purpose, I mean you can't even dance them. Other than that I tend to like almost anything, which is odd, becuase black ppl don't listen to that. But it's what I love. And you? and you?

2003-08-09 06:52:12 ET

sometimes I babble, forgive me.

2003-08-09 07:10:35 ET

LOL That's okay.

I listen to a little of everything, but mostly ska.

2003-08-09 07:11:06 ET

I thought as much which is sad. I shouldn't think like that but we do sometimes.

2003-08-09 07:11:46 ET

I think

2003-08-09 08:08:37 ET

good god..... youae obviouly talng to the people tat make you sad.. E.I. they arent very cool.. god crystal why dont yo just go ea some babies..

2003-08-13 08:54:02 ET

Eeh, don't like the flavor. Well, no, don't eat babies, they're not kosher.

2003-10-04 23:20:00 ET

Well since I love music and was very saddened by this I decided that some good stuff that I would recommend for listening pleasure would be the new Outkast double release(especially Andre's "The Love Below"), The Early November(Sunday Drive), Coheed and Cambria(Delitium Trigger), Reggie and the Full-Effect(any of their songs), The Mars Volta(Cicatrix), Maroon 5(anything off Songs About Jane... I'm seeing them tomorrow in Austin), and the new Third Eye-Blind "From the Vein".

I think if you meet anyone who's not into music you should hit them over the head with a mix of some of those and introduce them to some good stuff.

2003-11-10 15:13:07 ET

im obsessed with music, seems like no one else is on here other then you and me i suppose.

2003-11-10 16:15:22 ET

eehhhh heemmmmm

2003-11-10 16:48:14 ET

ok ok..and mr allan here. :)

2003-11-10 20:43:36 ET

that's a pretty broad statement...

you should try and stay away from gross generalizations like that one

2003-11-11 17:04:03 ET

Oh, but they are so fun.

2003-11-11 18:00:52 ET

hehehe... yes they are... unless they are very untrue... which I'm pretty sure I'm quite obsessed with music so I should be included in the "obsessive music lovers" category of SK with you all.

2003-11-16 14:48:08 ET

As you should be

2003-11-16 18:28:26 ET

... but yet i'm not??

2003-11-21 19:50:57 ET

Yeah lif eisn't fair that way.

NAH. You are.

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